Sinjung-dong Station
Station Name    Sinjung-dong
Corporation     SMRT
Date Opened     October 27, 2012
Station No.     754
PS              Island
SMRT line 7     ← Chunui (1km) Bucheon City Hall (1.1km) →

Sinjung-dong Station is a SMRT line no. 7th subway, and is showed from Bucheon-si of Gyeonggi Province at South Korea.

A formal title is reviewed after Gyenamnyeok, instead being make a wish from Jungil-dong resident as Sinjung-dong Station is always confirmed in all. An exit 3, only located on Lotte department store by Jung-dong Branch.


October 27, 2012 - Extended operation for SMRT line 7


An Island platform-shaped underground subway, because of that, it is very broad in almost, looked as an opposite platform is not really, because it become a largest platform could do. It has 7 exits.


Chunui ↑
↓ Bucheon City Hall
Upper Direction SMRT 7 To Onsu·Express Bus Terminal·Gongneung·Jangam
Lower Direction To Bucheon City Hall·Sang-dong·Gulpocheon·Bupyeong-gu Office

Around the SubwaysEdit

  • Jungil-dong

Dunkin' Donuts Bucheon Jung-dong Branch

KB Public Bank

Kimbap Cheonguk Sinjung-dong Branch

Lotte Department Store, Jungil-dong Branch

McDonald's DT Jungil-dong Branch

NH Nonghyeop Bank

  • Jungi-dong

Bucheon Wonmi High School

Bucheon Wonmi Police Station

  • Jungsam-dong

Homeplus Jungsam-dong Branch

Jungsam-dong Community Center

Simwon High School

Smarten Hospital